design studio


Kaleidonaut (Kal-eido-naut) - One who explores the boundaries of visual communication and aesthetics; an adventurous and committed  designer

Joyce Overweg (30)


Joyce studied for her bachelor at ArtEZ University of the Arts in Arnhem. She rocks typography and is an expert at visual communication. What she designs ranges from the best poster in town to wicked videoclips to tailormade websites. She is a whizzkid and enjoys learning new technical skills.


She is a teacher in Media and Design and teaches graphic design, typography and signing, photography, video and editing and interactive media design.


She also loves geography, snow-boarding, patterns and photography.


Fun fact Did you know that Joyce masters the art of Turkish ebru?



I am really proud of all the companies who dare to work with me. Here's a growing list. Do you want to be part of this list? Feel free to drop a message!


  • Universiteit Utrecht
  • Movisie
  • Viaa Hogeschool Zwolle
  • Edesche Concertzaal
  • Greijdanus College
  • Homo in de Klas
  • Contrario
  • LCC plus
  • i4audio
  • Netwerk Mirre
  • Finiz Organizing
  • Regenbooghulp.nl
  • Het Praktijkcentrum voor onderzoek en dienstverlening in de kerken
  • Plantagekerk Zwolle-Centrum
  • homoindekerk.nl
  • Alpha Cursus Zwolle
  • Wouter Berns kunstschilder
  • Ben's Fresh Food
  • Huruma Meva
  • Allcare
  • Citroenair
  • SGJ Christelijke Jeugdzorg